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9 Tips for an Effective Social Media Strategy

Perhaps the most important component of any social media marketing campaign is the strategy that helps to set it in motion. Without a solid plan, you’ll just be spinning your wheels waiting for things to happen. Here are 9 tips for creating an effective social media strategy. 1. Define Your Audience Before you tweet or

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4 Key Components of Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management has become a critical part of your online health and success.  When you run a business, everything about your online presence is critical to how well your business performs. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of online marketing, and your reputation is a very important aspect of that. The

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Steps to Create a Detailed Buyer Persona

Customers Hate to be Sold but they Love to Buy! Creating a buyer persona seperates you from your competition and improves the purchasing experience of your customers. Your daughter has just turned sixteen and you have promised to buy her a car.  She is so excited and she has her dream car all picked out.

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5 Steps to Content That’s Worth Sharing

Content Marketing has been added to your marketing plan but you are not getting much traction.  50% of all content produced gets less that 8 shares. So if most of the content produced goes nowhere how do you cut through the clutter and improve the odds that your content rises to the top.  Content marketing

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Do I need a Marketing Strategy? How to get Started!

We say Marketing Strategy and we hear from small business owners “a marketing strategy would be nice to have but I need sales now.”   Or we hear, “ We can get to strategies later, right now let’s focus on tactics that drive business.” We understand the urge to jump right into tactics or promotional ideas

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Web Design

Web Design vs Function? Both Contribute to Your Bottom Line!

Web design and layout are integral to the overall user experience of visitors to your site. Pages that look great and display innovative web design are important. They can capture the interest of potential customers. They layout with visual appeal may inspire someone to explore the contents of your site. The competition is high in

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SEO, Why Does it Matter? It seems Complicated!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Powerful tool! Key Fact: An estimated 89% of consumers begin their buying process with an online search for information. As a business owner, chances are you have seen or heard references to SEO.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing discipline focused creating content in the form of web

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